Monday, 13 September 2010

Facebook giveaway - winning prizes!

I recently had a facebook giveaway to celebrate reaching 200 fans. Two of my new square felt 'Tea Cup' brooches/badges were up for grabs including your own hand stitched message of choice for the tea cup. Two winners were randomly selected and they were a very dear friend of mine, Harriet, and Nina Wood. Nina has her own company offering handmade stationary and accessories for special occasions. Make sure you go and check out her website, Macy Molly's.

Harriet chose a cerise brooch and Nina chose a red one. Now that the girls have received their brooches I can now show you a picture of them.
Having had such great ideas for quirky messages/wording from people who entered the giveaway, I have been inspired to use some of them for products in the future. In particular I loved 'I Love Earl Grey', 'Milk no sugar' and 'Fancy a brew'. Anyone's ideas who I use may get their very own original brooch as a way to say thank you x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A beautiful little gift from Austria

I met up with an old friend this week who was over from Austria for a few days. Anna-Maria and I used to work together at Andrew Martin and I haven't seen her for three years. It was so lovely to see her and she bought me this beautiful little box of chocolates all the way from Vienna, her home town. I haven't wanted to open them all week as they are so gorgeously wrapped up but when I finally opened them up this evening they were even prettier inside. They are really mini too so I don't feel bad if I have one too many! And they are DELICIOUS! xx