Monday, 22 March 2010

Giveaway & Jim Jam Sandwich is featured!

Thank you all for helping me reach 100 followers, and I'm now even up to 102! Huge grins from Jim Jam Sandwich! I promised a massive giveaway to celebrate and I won't disappoint you all. Its Design Week down here in London so my day job is a little stressful this week and then I'm moving flats on Saturday so I will post the giveaway details this coming Sunday/Monday.

I had some lovely news to start my rather busy and hectic week and that is that my Easter Chicks Card was featured in todays Notonthehighstreet emailer. I've already had a mini influx of orders, so thank you NOTHS for featuring me.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lovely Summery things on Folksy

Well, I'm home today ill and whilst I should be resting I'm already bored so with some blue sky finally showing and the nasty cold weather hopefully gone for good I have started thinking about all things beachy and warm :-) Ok, so we have a few more months to get through until Summer is really upon us but there's no harm in thinking about it and starting to get excited!

So here are some gorgeous happy summery beachy themed things that I found on Folksy. I hope they make you smile too. All these lovely little companies sell through Folksy so make sure you go and check out all the gorgeous hand made things they make.

(From the top: Multi coloured striped tote bag by Crack in Pear, Driftwood Fishing Boat by Kirsty Elson, 'EAT' Summer Bunting by SewRecycled!, Nautical Button Collection by Little Solsken, Purse by PantsandPaper, Beach Huts Tea Cosy by Charlotte Macy Textiles)

Monday, 15 March 2010

Cupcake cards off to Lymington for some fresh sea air!

I sent off a lovely big order today to a little kitchen shop in Lymington called Kitchen Matters. Vicki met my Mum at a fair last year and saw my cards and said they would be great for her shop. She ordered 24 hand made Cupcake cards all of which were totally individual and unique. Vicky also liked my 'I Love Tea' brooch design so I transformed that into a card design for her as well. I packaged them all up and off they went today. I really hope they're popular with all those lovely people down on the coast.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Beautiful buttons galore!

I use a lot of buttons on my cards and accessories and always try to use vintage/old buttons I've found and collected. This makes all my pieces unique and special which is really important to me. My grandmothers both handed down their button collections to me but they are now sadly dwindling away as I sell more and more cards.

To buy vintage buttons is incredibly expensive so I was very lucky a couple of weeks ago when one of my very special friends, Sarah, told me her Mum had had a massive clear out at their farm house and had come across 3 jars of buttons which she didn't really want. Sarah very kindly thought of me straight away and I am now the very proud owner of these three large jars of buttons :-) Huge thanks to Sarah and her wonderful Mum Anne xx

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Crafting with my best friend

I have just had a wonderful Sunday being crafty with my best friend Kath. Its not something we get to do that much anymore as she lives just outside London and also has a 11 month old daughter Amy, who I am godmother too, so life is pretty busy. Ka th ventured down to mine this morning armed with all her jewellery making things and fresh muffins and lots of herbal tea :-) After re-arranging my usual work area to accommodate both of us we had a perfect workspace for two over looking my little garden and with the sunlight pouring in, perfect!

Girlies at our little work station!

So with plenty of girlie gossip to catch up on and with a constant flow of tea we had a hugely productive 5 hours of crafting. Its always so much more fun having someone to bounce ideas off and actually I stay so much more focused with someone to chat too.

So here are our efforts, two beautiful pairs of earings and a necklace by Kath, and I managed to complete my card order for a kitchen shop in Lymington, Kitchen Matters. Vicki of Kitchen Matters, has requested card similar to my 'I Love Tea' brooches so I really hope she likes these. I will get these listed on both my Folksy and NOTHS stores soon too so you all can all get your hands on them!

Kaths beautiful necklace and earings and my semi finished cards

My finished 'I Love Tea' cards for Kitchen Matters