Sunday, 7 March 2010

Crafting with my best friend

I have just had a wonderful Sunday being crafty with my best friend Kath. Its not something we get to do that much anymore as she lives just outside London and also has a 11 month old daughter Amy, who I am godmother too, so life is pretty busy. Ka th ventured down to mine this morning armed with all her jewellery making things and fresh muffins and lots of herbal tea :-) After re-arranging my usual work area to accommodate both of us we had a perfect workspace for two over looking my little garden and with the sunlight pouring in, perfect!

Girlies at our little work station!

So with plenty of girlie gossip to catch up on and with a constant flow of tea we had a hugely productive 5 hours of crafting. Its always so much more fun having someone to bounce ideas off and actually I stay so much more focused with someone to chat too.

So here are our efforts, two beautiful pairs of earings and a necklace by Kath, and I managed to complete my card order for a kitchen shop in Lymington, Kitchen Matters. Vicki of Kitchen Matters, has requested card similar to my 'I Love Tea' brooches so I really hope she likes these. I will get these listed on both my Folksy and NOTHS stores soon too so you all can all get your hands on them!

Kaths beautiful necklace and earings and my semi finished cards

My finished 'I Love Tea' cards for Kitchen Matters


  1. Oooh, sounds like you both had a fab day. A girly catch-up and productive crafting - what could be better? x

  2. Lovely stuff, looks like lots of fun. I can imagine it was easier to sit there and plough on when talking to someone.... not get dragged away by "stuff"!

  3. oh i really like your new tea cards...looks like you both had a lovely day, the necklace kath made is stunning x

  4. Thanks girls! It was such a fun day, I need to make more of an effort to craft in groups, seems much more productive to be able to chat as well :-) Kath is hopefully going to start selling her things one day x

  5. beautiful crafting! I wish I had a nicer set up for my crafts like that.

    You're so inspirational!!