Monday, 22 March 2010

Giveaway & Jim Jam Sandwich is featured!

Thank you all for helping me reach 100 followers, and I'm now even up to 102! Huge grins from Jim Jam Sandwich! I promised a massive giveaway to celebrate and I won't disappoint you all. Its Design Week down here in London so my day job is a little stressful this week and then I'm moving flats on Saturday so I will post the giveaway details this coming Sunday/Monday.

I had some lovely news to start my rather busy and hectic week and that is that my Easter Chicks Card was featured in todays Notonthehighstreet emailer. I've already had a mini influx of orders, so thank you NOTHS for featuring me.


  1. Well done you they look great.
    Jenny x

  2. Well done to you, I bet you are super pleased! The easter chicks card looks fab :D

  3. Congrats! Looks fab, hope the orders keep rolling in.

    Good luck with moving x