Saturday, 21 November 2009

Cupcake heaven!

I forgot to blog about this last week so here it is, the pictures of the most amazing cupcake a very special friend gave to me. I've been through a bit of a rough patch and to cheer me up my friend Jemma searched her local area and found this cupcake shop 'Candy Cakes' and bought me this cake, totally delicious! I almost didn't want to eat it though as it looked so incredible. They have several shops in London, the picture below is of their Monmouth Street shop in Covent Garden. I haven't yet been there but am planning to go tomorrow.


  1. OMG ! That surely is cupcake heaven ! thank you SOOOOO much

  2. You forgot to blog about a new cup cake shop!!!
    Sorry to hear you are down at the moment, hope your visit there is just the pick up you need :)

  3. Love this place! Had the ice cream cone cupcake in the summer and it's lovely! Only problem was that it was so massive, so I couldn't eat it all!

    Have you tried Ella's bakehouse in covent garden yet? Delicious!

  4. you cant beat a friend that cheers you up with such delights.... hope your ok.

  5. Thanks for all your lovely messages. I'm feeling better thank you and my great friends have hugely helped. Hope you've all entered my blog giveaway below.... xx