Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My very own studio!

I recently moved flat and although my bedroom is much smaller than in my previous flat I have gained my very own studio space in the living room, yeh!! Having had to work in my bedroom for the last year in quite a cramped space it is a luxury to have so much space with my own shelves, desk and cupboards. It really is helping me to be inspired to do more work and hopefully it will help to me produce a few new exciting designs! So here's some photos for you to have a nosey at :-) These were taken a few days after we moved so not all by bits and pieces were out, its definitely not looking so immaculate now!


  1. loving the jars of buttons on show, every crafter has them & needs to flaunt them !

  2. Yay! Hope having your own space keeps you motivated to create, enjoy!


  3. Brilliant! Hope you feel lots of creative inspiration in your new space!