Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A special preview of my 1st framed cup cakes!

I told myself I would wait and get these photographed properly (and not in my badly lit flat at midnight!) before blogging about these but I couldn't wait any longer, sheer excitement has taken over :-)

Well here they are.......my first two framed cup cakes in the beautiful frames I ordered a few weeks ago. I'm so pleased with them. They do need a bit more work and I'm still pondering over backing fabrics and colour combo's of the cakes but I showed my housemates last night and they loved them! These two are to go to Tiddlywink Interiors along with some larger ones which I'll finish tonight. Over the next week or so I will get some more done and photograph them properly and get them up for sale on both my online stores Folksy and Notonthehighstreet.

I'd love some feedback so please leave your comments. Its very hard to sometimes know what will sell and what looks good when you've spent so long working on one thing at a time. Advice will be greatly received x


  1. Hi Gemma! I love these.. and think that they will go perfectly in my house! I am very hard to please when it comes to having things on the wall and so I dont really have anything! But I will def be looking out for when you put these up for sale! Well done!
    Leanne x

  2. Hi Leanne

    Thank you! If you want to order one you can just email me directly. I'll let you know when they're online so you can see all the options. Hope you're well? xx

  3. I think they look super! so cute!!! :)

  4. o thanks for the link to my blog!! that's really nice of you! i have a link to you on my blog too :) best of luck with your framed cupcake pictures!

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind words, so glad you like them. Should be for sale online next week x