Sunday, 6 September 2009

Things I cherish...

I was lucky enough to have incredibly crafty Grandmothers and they both left me all their amazing collections of threads, buttons, needle cases and all sorts of wonderful containers/boxes which housed these crafty things. They are things that I use and work with on a daily basis and I wanted to show them off!

My true favourite is the small box addressed to my fathers mother, Mrs Geoffrey Thomas. It is so beautifully made and I just love the old stamps and italic writing on the label. The date stamped on the the box is sadly not visible but the stamps have George VI on and were brought out in 1941 so this little box is probably over 50 years old! Its something I would grab if there was a fire in my flat. I cherish it so much. It's home to all my machine spools, I'm not sure what Gran used it for but I like to think it was something similar.
Here are also some of the wonderfully retro/vintage buttons my mothers mother left me. I'm planning to incorporate & use some of these in my button jewellery swap.
Below that is a picture of Granny Thomas's needle case.

I'd love to hear what items you really cherish that may have been handed down to you. x


  1. Hello, I have just discovered your blog after "meeting" you on Twitter. I was really touched by this post with sentimental stuff you have from your grandmother. I've acquired all sorts of crafty stuff and kitchenalia from my late grandma and going to feature them on my blog - the first thing I posted about were some glass ice cream dishes that were thick with coal dust in her old pantry. She was quite a hoarder so there are many more to come in the near future!

  2. ahhh these are just lovely ive got bits and pieces of things like these i love my button box and have a little tin box from jubilee which was my mums from the year she was born. from a small child i always rummaged through my mum and my grans sewing boxes particularly the buttons and i still do my grans lol. love it. thanks for sharing. the box is so beautiful